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Cybiko Classic Blue
The functionality of Surveyor on a Cybiko

    If you are in one of my courses and you really don't have access to your own wireless laptop, PDA or cell phone (Have you really tried to checkout a laptop from the Atlas computer lab in the UGLC or do you not realize how easy it is to view web pages on most cell phones? (This service is not part of most wireless plans and can be turned on and off month by month!)) then come to PSCI 203C and checkout a Cybiko for the semester from me.  You must return the Cybiko and its power cord the last week of classes!

    If you have major problems with the Cybiko complaining about "No Batteries" please see me about putting in some weak batteries so that you don't get this message but you will still have to connect your Cybiko to the extension cord for proper operation.  Read the introduction page about the problem with batteries.

<...> means press the corresponding key or button.


  1. Make sure you have the most current Cyrveyor program installed on your Cybiko (20051007).

  2. Because you don't have the required serial cable, new versions of the program (and games) must be propagated or uploaded wirelessly from one Cybiko to another.

  3. Start the program and press the <Ins> button.

  4. Enter the name of the relay Cybiko that you are assigned.  Pay close attention to upper and lower case letter since the CyOS is Unix like.
    Relay Dialog

  5. Enter the partial e-mail address (before the @) that you registered to do the online organic lessons with.
    E-mail Dialog

  6. Enter the password that you were assigned when you registered for the lessons.  It starts with an i.
    Password Dialog

  7. This information should be retained after you turn off the program or Cybiko so make sure you clear it at the end of the semester by deleting the Cyrveyor1.dat files under the Uploader & File Manager.

  8. Press the number <2> or <3> and repeat steps 3 through 7 for users 2 and 3.


  1. In class make sure that the program is on, that you are in your account (by pressing <1>, <2> or <3>) and that your information is show correctly.

  2. When asked a question press the <Select> button, type in your answer and press <Enter>.
    Answer Dialog

  3. If everything was connected properly you should get the same messages that the Surveyor users get in an internet browsers.

  4. Your answers will show up with all the other wireless Surveyor users!


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Monday, March 30, 2009

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