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Cybiko Classic Clear

A Molecular Model Set & Socratic Network for the Cybiko!


CyGRADE 20020106

<D>raw/Enter Draw mode to access the following functions:

<C>lear all atoms and bonds.

<Del>ete atom or bond at cursor.

<H>ydrogens are added at selected "dot" carbon.

<Ins>ert Dialog creates a new atom at cursor or changes an existing atom label.

<Select> atom at cursor.

<Tab> Create a bond between selected atom and cursor position. If no atom exists at cursor a new atom is created with the last label entered via the Insert Dialog. This label is shown next to Draw.

<U>ndo one step.

Press the following keys once to manipulate models with the arrow buttons:

<M>ove entire model on x-y plane.

Move <O>ne atom on x-y plane.

<R>oll entire model out of x-y plane.

Ro<T>a<T>e model on x-y plane using up-down buttons only.

<S>cale/Change the scale of the model using up-down button.

Other Functions:

<A>rrange and center model.

<Esc>ape program. Networking is lost!

<H>ydrogens are toggled off and on.

<Q>uiz Dialog. Available in lecture only.

<W>rite Dialog. Available in lecture only.

<X>/Mirror image in x direction.

CyGRADE Course Management Software

Draw Polling

Text Polling



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Monday, March 30, 2009

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