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Chemistry Safety Rules and Procedures Agreement

In order to ensure that chemistry experiments are a safe learning experience, the UTEP ACS Student Affiliates and the Laboratory Safety Workshop, Curry College, have provided these safety rules. Students should read, discuss and sign this chemistry safety agreement.

1. Perform the experiments as directed. Do not do anything which is not part of an approved experimental procedure. Follow all instructions given by your instructor or T.A.

2. Be properly prepared to do the experiment. Read the written procedures in advance and understand what you are going to do. Lack of familiarity wastes your time and is a major cause of injury. Know the hazards before you do the experiment.

3. Never work without the supervision of an instructor of a T.A.

4. Wear appropriate protective equipment. ANSI approved eye protection must be worn at all times. This means chemical splash goggles, not safety glasses! Contact lenses should not be worn during lab sessions. In addition, gloves, face shields and a lab coat or apron should be used as appropriate.

5. Learn the location and operation of emergency equipment. This includes eyewash fountains, safety showers, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, sinks, and first aid supplies.

6. Know what to do in case of emergencies. The telephone number for the UTEP Police is 5611 (747-5611).

7. Act in a responsible manner at all times. No horseplay or fooling should occur in the lab or experimental area.

8. Wear leather shoes which cover the entire foot; No sandals or canvas shoes. Clothing should not be loose and floppy, especially in the sleeves. Some new fabrics are highly flammable and should not be worn. Your arms and legs should be covered.

9. Tie back long hair to keep it away from flames and chemicals.

10. Never taste a chemical. Check odors only if instructed to do so, by gently wafting some of the vapor towards your nose with your hand. Be sure your work area is adequately ventilated for your experiment.

11. Turn off your Bunsen burner or other heat source whenever you are not using it. Never let it operate unattended.

12. Treat burns immediately by putting the burned area under cold water for a least 15 minutes. Cold water markedly reduces the subsequent pain and blisters.

13. Read the chemical labels very carefully. Read them 3 times: when you pick it up; just before you use it; and after you are finished. Many mistakes - some dangerous - result from mixing the wrong chemicals.

14. Smoking, eating, or drinking in the lab or experimental work area are forbidden.

15. Report all accidents, injuries, and close-calls to your instructor or T.A.

16. Dispose of chemicals properly. Nothing goes down the drain. Containers should be available for waste chemicals. Broken glass goes in special receptacles.

17. Never return unused reagents to the reagent bottle. Be careful to take only what you actually need. Do not contaminate the reagents.

18. Clean all spills immediately. This includes water.

19. If the experiment deals with something to which you are allergic, consult with your instructor.

20. Treat all chemicals with the respect they deserve. Know the hazards before you handle the material.

21. Never take chemicals, supplies, or equipment out of the laboratory without the knowledge and consent of the instructor.

22. Wash off chemicals splashed or spilled on your skin or body immediately and for 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing immediately. Notify your instructor or T.A.

23. Clean your lab bench, put away all equipment and reagents, and wash your hands at the end of each work session.

24. If you are unsure about the necessary safety precautions or procedures ask your instructor or T.A.

25. E-mail and tell your instructor / T.A any allergies or medical problems that they should be aware of.

I, __________________________________________ have read, understand, and agree to follow these chemistry safety rules and procedures. I agree to abide by any additional instructions, written or verbal, provided by my T.A. or instructor. I understand that I may be forbidden from completing a laboratory assignment if I am in violation of any safety rule or procedure.

Student's Signature__________________________________ Date _______________

Witness ____________________________________________ Date ______________


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