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Advanced Topics Organic Chemistry

Text:  Organic Synthesis:  The Disconnection Approach, 2nd Edition, Wiley by Stuart Warren and Paul Wyatt

Organic Synthesis: The Disconnection Approach, 2nd Edition (0470712368) cover image

Terms of Use:  You may not keep, redistribute, edit or link to the videos on this site.

I cannot guarantee video or audio for every lecture so please come to class!

Week Monday Wednesday
1 August 26-Chp. 1-Intro-Video 28-Chp. 2-Benzene Derivatives-Video
2 September 2-Holiday 4-Chp. 3-Video
3 9-Chp 4-RY-Video 11-Chp 5-Video-Projector Problems!
4 16-Chp 6-1-3 RY/1,x Video 18-Chp 7-Video
5 23-Chp 8-N-Video 25-Protecting-Chp 9-Video-Video
6 30-Review 1-Video-Memory Sheet 1 October 2-Exam 1
7 7-Chp 10-11-alcohols by 1,x-CC disconnections-Video 9-Chp 12-Stereo-Video
8 14-Chp 13-carbonyls by 1,x-CC disconnections-Video 16-Chp 14-Video
9 21-Chp 15-alkenes-Video 23-Chp 16-alkynes-Video
10 28-Chp 17-Diels-Alder-Video 30-Chp 18-19-Aldol-1,3-Video
11 November 4-Review 2-Video-Memory Sheet 2 6-Exam 2-Exan 2
12 11-Chp 20-Claisen-1,3-Video 13-Chp 21-Michael-1,5-Video
13 18-Chp 22-Nitro-Video 20-Chp 23-1,2-Video
14 25-Chp 24-1,2-Chapter 25-1,4-Video 27-Chp 26-27-Reconnection-Video
15 December 2-Chp 28-Video 4-Review 3-Video-Memory Sheet 3
16 Final, Friday, December 13, 7 to 9:45 am
Your grade for this course will consist of:
  1. two midterm exams, 2 x 100 points
  2. one final exam, 200 points.
for a total of 400 points, A > 89.5 %, B > 79.5 %, C > 69.5 %, D > 59.5 % of these points.

Extra-credit will be given for answering in-class questions through the class-response system.  A point for correct answers, 1/2 a point for isomeric or incorrect text answer which are not non-sense.  I reserve the right to turn off the class-response system for any students that attempt to answer questions without being present!



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