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Advanced Organic Chemistry I

Spring 2017

Text:  Advanced Organic Chemistry, Reactions and Mechanisms, 2nd Ed. Bernard Miller

Terms of Use:  You may not keep, redistribute, edit or link to the videos on this site.

I cannot guarantee video or audio for every lecture so please come to class!

Week Monday Wednesday
1 January 16-Holiday 18-Introduction-Video
2 23-Wave Mechanics-Video 25-Video
3 30-Video February 1-Chaper 2-Video
4 6-Video 8-Chapter 3-Video
5 13-Video 15-Chapter 4-Video
6 20-Video 22-Chapter 5-Video
7 27-Video March 1-Chapter 6-Video
8 6-Exam 1-Article 8-Video
9 13-Holiday 15-Holiday
10 20-Video 22-Video
11 27-Chapter 7-Video 29-Video
12 April 3-Video 5-Chapter 8-Video
13 10-Video 12-Video
14 17-Chapter 9-Video 19-Video
15 24-Video 26-Chapter 10
16 May 1- 3-
17   Comprehensive Final-Friday-May 12-7:00 to 9:45 am

Your grade for this course will consist of:

  1. 1/3 Class-Response
  2. 1/3 A Midterm Exam
  3. 1/3 A Final Exam




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